6 Benefits of Petroleum Jelly


Who doesn’t know petroleum jelly? Namely a moisturizer from a mixture of mineral oil, paraffin, and hydrocarbons which are packaged into one in the form of a clear white gel. Most people usually use petroleum jelly to moisturize the lips and soften cracked skin. But apparently, there are still many other benefits that have not been widely known from moisturizers without these harmful chemicals. What are they?

1. Lip Scrub Having cracked lips and looking dull often becomes a problem for women. Overcome this by mixing sea salt and a little petroleum jelly, then stirring until smooth and gently rub on the lips until the dead skin peels off. Do it two to three times a week to get maximum results.

2. Eyeshadow Base Activity all day outdoors but want to stay attractive? Don’t worry, just apply thin petroleum jelly on the eyelids. Wait until it absorbs and dries, then blend eyeshadow in the eyes. Petroleum jelly also functions as a base before applying eye makeup. The result will look more real without having to polish it again.

3. Make a Long Lasting Perfume Apply petroleum jelly behind your wrist, back of ear, neck and elbow fold before spraying your favorite perfume. The result will perfume last longer and last a day.

4. Eliminating Scars If you have a scar that is hard to lose, such as a falling wound or a burn, petroleum jelly may be one solution. Before going to bed at night, apply it on the part of the body that has a scar. Leave it overnight and leave it to dry. Use every day so the scars fade quickly.

5. Flex Eyelashes If you don’t have time to apply eyebrows and clamp your lashes to look pliable, there’s no harm in trying to use petroleum jelly. Before going to bed, take enough petroleum jelly, rub it between your index finger and thumb. After that apply on the strands of the lashes horizontally starting from the roots to the ends. But you have to be a little patient, because the results are not instant.

6. Prevent the emergence of Strech Marks To keep the fetus in the womb, pregnant women need special care to prevent and reduce the occurrence of stretch marks or white strokes on the surface of the skin. One way to overcome this is to use petroleum jelly because this moisturizer does not have harmful chemicals. Apply to skin strokes after bathing and before going to bed every day.

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